Buffalo Dental's Chuck Saver Brushes Offer Protection Against Debris, Repairs

The Abbott-Robinson Bristle Brushes are designed to protect from debris and costly handpiece repairs.

Buffalo Dental has introduced its new Chuck Saver Abbott-Robinson™ Bristle Brushes, which are designed to eliminate premature failures and costly repairs in handpieces due to dust and debris entering through openings and collets. The bristle brushes work by covering the opening of the exposed collet with a small metal shield to prevent debris from reaching the internal workings of the handpiece motor.

The Chuck Saver brushes feature high-quality natural bristles, which are said to be ideal for cleaning and polishing denture acrylic, cleaning interproximal spaces after denture deflasking, and general laboratory or office polishing applications. They come available in soft, standard stiff, and extra stiff varieties, and all feature solid carbon steel HP mandrels for durability. They also offer 3 different diameter options.