Bravrr launches BruxRelief bruxism assessment system

New system allows simple, at-home bruxism assessments with results available via the cloud.

Featuring patent-pending sensors for monitoring temporalis muscle activity from clenching and grinding behaviors associated with bruxism, BruxRelief is a new wearable diagnostic system from Bravrr.

The new system is designed to provide a simple way for clinicians to diagnose and document a patient’s bruxing activities, according to a press release. The system features a wearable headband where the sensors are attached to track patient muscle activity during sleep, which reportedly can allow clinicians to diagnose and treat bruxism earlier than with previous diagnostic approaches.

Typically, a patient will wear the BruxRelief headband and sensors for a three-night assessment done in their own home. Data from the sensors is sent to a connected smartphone app which posts the information to a secure cloud where it can be accessed almost instantly from anywhere by the patient and the clinician. The data captured by the system provides a picture of the frequency and duration of temporalis muscle contractions while the patient sleeps. After the assessment, the data can be used to convince the patient of the need for a nightguard or other treatment approach.

The system eventually plans to add biofeedback capabilities to help provide cognitive-behavioral training and muscle reeducation to help reduce or eliminate pain from unintended clenching and grinding of teeth.

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Read the full BruxRelief press release here.