Brasseler USA releases new handpiece

Brasseler USA has announced the release of the NL4500 handpiece, which is designed to provide treatment options for a variety of patients.

Brasseler USA® recently announced the new NL4500 handpiece, the latest in the company's extensive line of handpiece offerings.

The NL4500 is designed with a unique 45° angle head design that reportedly allows for maximum visibility and posterior access, and is ideal for treating impacted molars. The handpiece is engineered to offer more possibility for different patients in the operatory.

The NL4500 also has a special triple port design that delivers a water stream, not a mist, directly to the tip of the bur. The NL4500 delivers a powerful 21 watts of power, features ceramic ball bearings and a push button head, all in a lightweight design.

For more information about the NL4500, visit or call 800-841-4522.