BOC Winners in Practice: Weave’s Communication and Practice Analytics


Office manager Arden Jolley shares her experience using Weave which recently won a Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award.

Weave communication and analytics

Arden Jolley, office manager for Dr. Joshua Millsaps in Hickory, North Carolina, tells us about her experience with Weave.

DPR: Tell us a bit about you and your practice?

Arden Jolley, Office Manager

Arden Jolley, Office Manager

Jolley: I have been in the dental field since 1993. I have held many positions in the dental office through the years. I am currently the office manager for Dr. Joshua Millsaps in Hickory, N.C. I love the dental field and being an office manager.

DPR: How did you learn about Weave?

Jolley: I met Jeff Williams from Weave at the Hinman Meeting a few years ago. Jeff gave me a demo and I was hooked.

DPR: What made you invest in Weave for your practice?

Jolley: I fell in love with Weave before I left Jeff's booth at the Hinman. I texted my boss while I was there and told him how amazing Weave was. My husband was with me, and I joked and told him that Dr. Millsaps would no longer need me if he had Weave. Once I returned to the office, Jeff did another demo for me and Dr. Millsaps. Weave has so many beneficial features for any dental office, that it just made sense to move forward. One feature that really stood out to Dr. Millsaps and me, was the ability to call and text patients from the Weave app on our cell phones. Weave set it up so that we never had to give out personal cell phone numbers again. If a patient has an emergency after hours, we can return their call from the Weave app and it appears to the patient that we are calling them from the office.

DPR: What has your experience using Weave been like, and how has it been most useful to your practice?

Jolley:. Weave has changed how productive and efficiently our office runs, especially the front office. We can communicate, not only more efficiently, but also in a manner that most patients prefer. People are busy, they are more likely to send back a quick text than answer the phone or even check voicemails. Weave is not only a texting and confirmation program; it is so much more. As an office manager, one of my favorite features has been Text to Pay. This allows you to text the patient a secure link to make a payment and you can attach a statement to the text as well. Weave's analytics feature allows you to monitor the performance of your practice. Weave offers many more features as well; online forms, email, chat, review links, e-fax, and more.

DPR: How has using Weave benefited your practice and your patients?

Jolley: Weave has been a beneficial part of our practice. I honestly cannot imagine not having it. The app is easy to use, the phones are great. Our patients love that they can send a quick text if they have a question or need an appointment. We can do postop texts easily and automatically. Recall reminders can be set up easily. My front office team runs more smoothly, and we can accommodate more patients all thanks to Weave. During COVID when our office had to close, Weave made a difficult situation much more manageable. I was able to communicate easily with our patients, either through text or email. I took a Weave phone home with me and connected it to my laptop, and this allowed me to answer the phone just as if I were at the office. Weave has also made the reopening of the office easier to manage. With the Curbside Waiting Room, Wellness Forms, and paperless forms. I am very thankful for Weave and it has improved my life as a dental office manager.

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