BOC Winners in Practice: Tokuyama Dental’s OMNICHROMA

Dr. Stephanie Vondrak shares her experience using OMNICHROMA universal composite which recently won a Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award.

Dr. Stephanie Vondrak of Vondrak Dental in Elkhorn, Nebraska, tells us about her experience with OMNICHROMA universal composite.

DPR: Tell us a bit about you and your practice?

Dr. Vondrak: 

What I do is health-centered dentistry. So, my practice is all geared around helping patients become as healthy as they wish to be. I actually own four practices and I operate out of my main practice that I bought in 2004, in Elkhorn, Nebraska. A lot of the procedures we perform are geared at making the airway better, plus I do a lot of orthodontics and a lot of bonding; a lot of OMNICHROMA.

DPR: How did you learn about OMNICHROMA?

Dr. Vondrak: I learned from one of the reps. I was going to a speaking event and they brought me some samples and I tried it and I'm like, this stuff is awesome. I sent them [Tokuyama] some pictures of some of the cases that I did and then I got a phone call and they were asking to buy the pictures. That's how that happened.

DPR: What made you invest in OMNICHROMA for your practice?

Dr. Vondrak: When you're trying to do really good esthetic dentistry, the most difficult thing is to shade match. Right. When you're doing an indirect restoration like the crown or veneer, it’s kind of up to the lab. But when you're doing a composite, when you’re working chairside, you've got to figure out the shade match. So now the fact that OMNICHROMA matches every tooth shade with a single shade of composite is huge. That’s huge because figuring that out was the most time consuming part.

DPR: What has your experience using OMNICHROMA been like, and how has it been most useful to your practice?

Dr. Vondrak: Prior to OMNICHROMA, we were always using three different colors, so that's changing a carpule out three different times. So this is more efficient, there’s less inventory. It’s easier to use and I do a lot with it. I love bonding. I think it's such a good service. It’s great whenever you can maintain [more tooth structure] or whenever you can bond to enamel directly, you know the restoration is going to be there for years.

DPR: How has using OMNICHROMA benefited your practice and your patients?

Dr. Vondrak: I'm very much about conservative dentistry that can enhance esthetics. With OMNICHROMA, I can do a lot of things efficiently, and I get great results. There may be a slight, slight learning curve for some clinicians in terms of the adjustment to the instruments and the polishing, but obviously, the results are pretty darn impressive. I think the polishability also is really a strong point because that can take a while. With OMNICHROMA it just works so well.