BOC Winners in Practice: Simplifeye’s Amplify

Evelyn Lahiji shares her experience using Simplifeye’s Amplify which recently won a Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award.

Evelyn Lahiji, executive director Children’s Dental FunZone, tells us about her experience with Amplify.

DPR: Tell us a bit about you and your practice?

Evelyn Lahiji

Lahiji: I’ve been in dentistry for 25 years. I am the executive director of Children’s Dental FunZone in West Covina, California. I’ve worked every position in a dental office. I was a

consultant prior to working here. I’ve been working at Children’s Dental FunZone for 14 years. We specialize in pediatric and orthodontic dentistry.

DPR: How did you learn about Amplify?

Lahiji: When I was at the ADA annual session there was a booth, where I met Jeffrey Krell and he introduced me to Simplifeye’s Amplify.

DPR: What made you invest in Amplify for your practice?

Lahiji: I noticed an urgency for a live chat that would free up work time for my staff, so they could focus on doing other tasks instead of focusing on making constant phone calls. 

DPR: What has your experience using Amplify been like, and how has it been most useful to your practice?

Lahiji: We have increased new patients and have a better understanding of who is coming into the office based on the information gathered from Amplify. Since this service can be connected to other Simplifeye solutions, we have created a comprehensive virtual platform for interacting with our patients.

Lahiji: Amplify has benefited our practice in many ways. For one, we have a lot more patients! Also our website looks great and the live chat gives us the opportunity to open our doors to more people.