BOC Winners in Practice: Shofu's EyeSpecial Camera

Dr. Chad Duplantis shares his experience using Shofu's EyeSpecial camera which recently won a Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award.

Dr. Chad Duplantis of Fossil Creek Dental Partners in Fort Worth, Texas shares his experience using Shofu's EyeSpecial camera.

DPR: Tell us a bit about you and your practice?

Dr. Duplantis: Our practice is a restorative practice that treats all ages in Fort Worth, TX. There are two doctors and we believe in quality care and creating an experience for our patients that is unique, caring and comforting. We have integrated a lot of technology into our practice over the years with a common goal that is to constantly increase the quality of care that we provide.

DPR: How did you learn about the EyeSpecial Camera?

Dr. Duplantis: For years, I had been seeing the EyeSpecial advertised in various journals. I would take a look at it, and always wonder how it performed. The look alone was catchy, and the features were intriguing. I eventually called a representative to ask about the camera and bring it out for a demonstration.

DPR: What made you start using EyeSpecial in your practice?

Dr. Duplantis: We have several cameras in the office, but they require some knowledge of photography and technology to use. In other words, they aren’t very user-friendly. We are a very visual driven practice, so the amount of images we were taking started to increase. It became rather tedious for the doctors to take photos and perform dentistry at the same time. Although there are some images that the dentists still take, we wanted something that the staff could use as well. We also wanted something that was easy to disinfect, which has become increasingly important over the past several months. The EyeSpecial checked both of these boxes.

DPR: What has it been like using the EyeSpecial camera?

Dr. Duplantis: It has been a game changer. The amount of photos we are taking has increased. The team has no issues using the camera. Disinfection is a breeze. The multiple functionalities of the camera really benefit us greatly. There is much less disruption or hesitation in clinical photography by using this device. It has truly been a great addition to our practice, and something that we can’t live without.

DPR: How has using the EyeSpecial benefited your practice and your patients?

Dr. Duplantis: There are so many ways that this camera has benefitted our practice. From our perspective, it’s a simple process to take quality images. These images have allowed us to educate our patients by sharing our findings. The education, in turn, leads to case acceptance. Increased case acceptance leads to productivity and ultimately profitability. Our patients have benefitted by being able to visualize the conditions and make educated decisions in their oral care. Additionally, our labs have benefitted from us being able to share the images. The labs love the shade matching feature, and we don’t miss shades as often as before. This is one of the three pieces of technology in our practice that I can’t live without.