BOC Winners in Practice: Nobio's Infinix Composites


Dr. Bertrude Lev Dor, DMD, shares her experience using Infinix composites from Nobio Ltd, which recently won a Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award.

Infinix dental composite

Dr. Bertrude Lev Dor, DMD, Oral Medicine Specialist and Advisor on Systemic & Elderly Patients for MaccabiDent, Israel's second-largest DSO with 55 clinics, shares her experience with Nobio's Infinix dental composites.

DPR: Tell us about your practice and your patients.

Dr. Lev Dor: My population is high risk because of their general health problems as well as systemic disease, both of which can lead to issues with the quality and quantity of saliva. Treating caries and recurrent caries is a challenge and we’re always looking for new solutions in treatment.

DPR: How did you learn about Infinix?

Dr. Lev Dor: Luckily for me, MaccabiDent was approached by Nobio to conduct a clinical trial with Infinix. We started a study over a year ago with 35 patients in a split-mouth design. All the patients were medium or high-risk patients with multiple, active caries that required treatment. On one side, we placed a popular composite regularly used in our offices (the control). On the other side, we placed Infinix. We’ve been following the patients for a full year.

DPR: What has it been like using Infinix?

Dr. Lev Dor: If I hadn’t looked at the label or documented carefully, I wouldn’t have known that I was using a new composite—the handling was the same as what I’d used previously. There isn’t any difference working with Infinix and other composites; the learning curve was very small. The esthetics and handling were like other composites as well. We did not have any post-op sensitivity or other adverse reactions.

The difference is in the results. After a year, we’ve had no problems, and this is after having significant challenges with other composites in these challenging patients. Out of my own interest, I went and read a lot of literature about Infinix, including recent research at UCSF School of Dentistry about reducing demineralization. This is in accordance with my own clinical findings.

DPR: How has using Infinix benefited your practice and your patients?

Dr. Lev Dor: In elderly populations with systemic disease, people end up taking a lot of medications that can hurt saliva quality and quantity, which can in turn lead to issues with recurrent caries. Consider oncology patients dealing with radiation; they have a small amount of saliva, leading to a large number of Class V caries. When we find a new composite or material that will help address this issue in both healthy and systemic populations, it is a great thing. It is going to change dentistry.

What we are doing on a daily basis—placing new fillings and replacing old fillings—if we find a material that is going to create a filling that will stay there for years with no recurrent caries, that is a great thing. For patients with less saliva or changing buffer capacity of saliva, we can give them an easy solution. No operation or anything difficult—any doctor can do it.

DPR: What would you tell a colleague who asked you about Infinix?

Dr. Lev Dor: I can assure the doctor in the US that it is easy to use, safe, and gives a good clinical outcome. I don’t see why you wouldn’t try it—there are so many benefits. Infinix has antibacterial properties that no other composite can provide. I don’t see any reason not to use it.

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