BOC Winners in Practice: Dentulu


Dr. Bobby Soleiman shares his experience using the Dentulu app which recently won a Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award.


Dr. Bobby Soleiman, founder of Periodontal Providers (PPG), a group practice with locations in 7 states shares his experience using the Dentulu app to enhance practice operations.

DPR: Tell us a bit about you and your practice.

Dr. Bobby Soleiman

Dr. Bobby Soleiman

Dr. Soleiman: PPG was established 20 years ago when I saw a need for specialists and dentists to be able to collaborate efficiently to enhance the patient experience. We are about 30+ specialists who operate in 220 different offices across seven states. 

DPR: How did you learn about Dentulu?

Dr. Soleiman: We were introduced by another colleague who had started using it in his practice.

DPR: What made you decide Dentulu would be a good fit for your practice?

Dr. Soleiman: We are always looking for better solutions to serve our patients and the dental offices more efficiently. Dentulu allows us to connect to our patients safely and securely while complying with HIPAA regulations. With COVID and a limited number of patients permitted into our busy schedules, we have been able to accommodate many of our patients by doing their post-operative care and screenings virtually. Dentulu has tremendously helped us save on PPE and reduce the need for in-office visits by patients.

DPR: What has your experience with Dentulu been like, and how has it been most useful to your practice?

Dr. Soleiman: My experience so far has been very efficient. I can do follow-up post-operative calls with my patients and see how they are healing without them having to step foot in my office. I also like having peace of mind that my patient's personal information as well as mine is safeguarded. I have also have had numerous new patients find me on the App and connect with me while looking to find a dentist on an emergency basis. These patients eventually came into the office for treatment after we established them as a patient of record when we did the consultation during a teledentistry live video chat.

DPR: How has using Dentulu benefited your practice and your patients?

Dr. Soleiman: Dentulu has been effective in allowing us to connect with our patients for emergencies as well as non-emergency care. Part of our job is to assure our patients that their healing process is going well and to be able to have a secure and open line of communication with them. Our patients love that they have a direct line of communication with us.

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