Blue Box Aims for Innovation in Portable Dental Care


This new portable dental unit it designed with a variety of features, including a true high-volume evacuation system, to enable effective mobile dentistry.

Blue Box Aims for Innovation in Portable Dental Care. Image credit: © Dental Blue Box

Blue Box Aims for Innovation in Portable Dental Care. Image credit: © Dental Blue Box

The new dental Blue Box has emerged, aiming to provide dental professionals with a compact and portable mobile dentistry platform. This product is designed with a variety of features that are designed specifically to enable a portable solution, according to a press release from the manufacturer.

The unit weighs in at 50 pounds with a protective hard shell suitcase to ensure safe travel. Measuring 16” x 20” x 27” and available in 110V or 220V, the Blue Box comes complete with a portable assistant tray and a 3-gallon aluminum tank. This is said to make it the ideal portable dental unit for a variety of applications, including mission dentistry and even emergency dental care situations, among applications. The unit comes equipped with a range of features, including adjustable heights, swivel armrests, and intuitive controls, prioritizing user comfort and convenience.

Notably, Blue Box features a True High-Volume Evacuation (HVE) System, which is said to be a first in portable dental units. This powerful suction technology ensures the efficient removal of fluids, debris, and aerosols during dental procedures, creating a clean and safe environment for both patients and practitioners alike. Blue Box features are designed to integrate directly with high-speed handpieces and ultrasonic scalers, enabling quality treatment for patients.

Blue Box integrates a self-contained water and air supply system, eliminating the need for external connections. This self-sufficiency empowers dental professionals to perform a wide range of procedures without relying on additional infrastructure, making it ideal for remote or temporary dental setups, per the press release. Also paramount to its design, Blue Box puts infection control at the forefront, with autoclavable components and disposable suction liners.

The specifications of the Blue Box further underline its capabilities, with a built-in compressor, adjustable handpieces, a true HVE with .025MPa, and the ability to attach external autoscalers and tabletop electric motors. The inclusion of a foot control, vapor traps, and a quiet, self-contained, oil-less .78 HP compressor further enhance its functionality, according to the press release.

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