BISCO releases TheraBase self-adhesive

BISCO has announced the release of its new self-adhesive base/liner, TheraBase. TheraBase is a dual-cured, calcium- and fluoride-releasing self-adhesive which contains MDP.

It’s designed to chemically bond to tooth structures using THERA technology and release and recharge calcium and fluoride ions. Its calcium release is said to generate an alkaline pH, which promotes pulp vitality. TheraBase is a dual-cured material that will reportedly polymerize, even in deep restorations where light cannot reach. In addition, it is radiopaque for easy identification on radiographs.

TheraBase is self-adhesive and does not require bonding agents. It features a high flexural strength for reportedly stronger and more fracture-resistant restorations. Its high compressive strength is said to absorb shock and stress from occlusal forces without fracturing.

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