BIOLASE REPAIR Perio protocol found to be just as effective as MIST treatment


A recent study demonstrated that BIOLASE REPAIR Perio protocol is as effective as open flap procedures in clinical parameters.

Waterlase from BIOLASE

Waterlase from BIOLASE

Dental laser company, BIOLASE, Inc. announced today data published in the Journal of Periodontology from a clinical trial conducted at The McGuire Institute. Designed to meet the strict American Association of Periodontology Best Evidence Consensus (BEC) standards, this study compared BIOLASE’s REPAIR® Perio protocol to the traditional Minimally Invasive Surgical Technique (MIST) treatment of moderate to severe generalized periodontitis.

The study found that the REPAIR Perio protocol had shorter procedure times than open flap procedures, as well as less bruising, swelling, and post-operative bleeding, demonstrating that REPAIR is as effective as open flap procedures in clinical parameters, such as pocket depth and attachment level, but with significantly better patient-reported outcomes.

"With 65 million Americans suffering from periodontitis, the findings from this study are significant in determining the best course of treatment for these patients," said Todd Norbe, president and CEO of BIOLASE. "The study unequivocally confirms that patient-reported outcomes were significantly better after laser procedures. Using laser technology, periodontitis can now be treated – with less pain and greater patient acceptance – by both periodontists and general dentists alike. Studies continue to suggest that periodontal health is essential for overall health, as related to susceptibility to infection, including COVID-19 infections."

The study is the first controlled, multi-centered, blinded study on lasers in managing moderate to severe periodontitis, a press release from BIOLASE read. It is also the only laser study in managing periodontitis designed to meet the AAP BEC standards. 54 patients were enrolled in five different sites, with six experienced periodontists. To view the study results, click here.

The REPAIR Perio protocol uses Waterlase®-laser technology to provide safe, minimally invasive, effective laser treatment for periodontal disease. To learn more about Waterlase technology, visit

The McGuire Institute is a not-for-profit organization with a unique vision for advancing the practice of dentistry through clinically-relevant research. Visit for more information.

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