BIOLASE Launches New All-Tissue Laser System

U.S. dentists can now purchase BIOLASE’s Waterlase Express. The new Waterlase Express is about a quarter of the size of the company’s Waterlase iPlus system. New features include 4K HD animations that demonstrate each step of procedures and step-by-step protocols for periodontal and implant procedures.

BIOLASE has announced the launch of its new product Waterlase Express, an all-tissue laser system that is now available for purchase to dentists in the U.S. The system is the fifth generation of the world’s most widely used all-tissue dental laser wavelength, and it offers several key features and upgrades to help make patient care easier and more successful. The system is approximately one-quarter of the size of the company’s Waterlase iPlus system.

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Dmitri Boutoussov, BIOLASE Chief Technology Officer and PhD, says, “When we began this project, our goal was to create a new version of Waterlase that would be a much smaller, simpler, more reliable and cost-effective system, while still carrying all the benefits of powerful Waterlase laser technology. We designed Express so that every dentist, whether completely new to lasers, or a pro, can easily learn Waterlase Express and start using it, with integrated support by BIOLASE and its network of educators and peer practitioners.”

The Waterlase Express laser system features several new technological advances, including 4K HD animations detailing each step of many common dental procedures. The system is designed for use in restorative, soft-tissue, periodontal, endodontic, and implant procedures. Other technological improvements include:

· Cloud-based software that allows for easier learning, remote diagnostics, and support for dentists

· A newly patented contra-angle handpiece designed for better intraoral access and improved comfort

· Easy to use procedure presets

· One-slider cutting adjustment control

· A compact, miniaturized version of the laser engine

Also, the new design includes many tools that offer support and opportunities for further educational achievement. These features include, but are not limited to:

· Step-by-step protocols for both periodontal and implant procedures

· Detailed instructions for pediatric and deciduous tooth procedures

· A library of more than 80 clinical procedures, including simplified and intuitive clinical workflows

· One-touch access to BIOLASE Customer Care whenever dental practitioners require assistance

· Video tutorials to make maintenance and care of the system easier

· BIOLASE Connect, a system that allows dentists to connect with other supportive resources

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