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BioCellgraft Unveils Exclusive U.S. Strategic Commercialization Partnership with Celularity for Placental-Derived Biomaterial Products in Oral Healthcare


BioCellgraft plans to lead the way for the use of human connective tissue matrix products in dentistry, implantology, and periodontology to treat unmet oral healthcare conditions.

Image Credits: © BioCellgraft, Inc and Celularity, Inc

Image Credits: © BioCellgraft, Inc and Celularity, Inc

In a groundbreaking move, BioCellgraft Inc., a pioneer in oral healthcare product development, has announced an exclusive U.S. strategic commercialization agreement with Celularity Inc. This partnership is set to assist dentistry, implantology, and periodontology by introducing a diverse range of placental-derived biomaterial products to address unmet oral healthcare conditions.

Under this agreement, Celularity Inc., a biotechnology company specializing in placental-derived allogeneic cell therapies and biomaterial products, will manufacture the placental-derived biomaterial products for BioCellgraft. Subsequently, BioCellgraft will distribute these innovative products throughout the United States, targeting various dental and oral healthcare applications.

The products, to be unveiled under private label brand names in early 2024, aim to replace or supplement damaged integumental tissue in treating soft tissue voids, correcting defects, and augmenting soft tissue. Additionally, some products will serve as a barrier membrane, safeguarding underlying tissue and preserving tissue boundaries in applications related to periodontology, implant dentistry, and oral surgery.

Michel Dard, DDS, MS, Ph.D., CEO of BioCellgraft, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Celularity, highlighting the potential to revolutionize oral healthcare practices. Dr Dard, a globally recognized expert in implantology and oral care, emphasizes the opportunity to transform the dental market in the United States by introducing Celularity's exceptional biomaterial products.

“We are excited to partner with a company as innovative and capable as Celularity, whose exceptional leadership makes this endeavor and mission a pleasure. There is a tremendous opportunity to assist oral healthcare practitioners managing very challenging indications, which often involve long, recurring, and painful procedures requiring many visits. BioCellgraft intends to help change this paradigm by bringing Celularity’s exceptional biomaterial products to the dental market in the United States,” Dr Dard says in a press release.

Michael Wilhelm, founder, chairman and EVP of partnerships and investor relations at BioCellgraft, adds that the partnership will help serve patients everywhere.

“With Michel Dard leading our organization, our reach to practitioners in the oral healthcare market spans to every inch of the globe, giving us the opportunity to provide patients in need access to this innovative biomaterial technology,” he states in the press release.

The global dental implant market, estimated at US$4.05 billion in 2022, is projected to reach US$6.31 billion in the U.S. by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7%. ResearchAndMarkets.com reports a CAGR of 6.4% in the U.S. dental implant and final abutment market, expected to reach US$2.2 billion in 2029. The gingivitis/periodontal market, valued at US$7 billion, presents significant opportunities for addressing soft and hard tissue conditions.

Dr Dard underscores the significance of addressing oral healthcare patients' needs, citing studies showing a high prevalence of thin gingival biotype in individuals aged 20-35 years. The partnership between BioCellgraft and Celularity aims to leverage their collective expertise to provide innovative solutions for these conditions.

Robert J. Hariri, M.D., Ph.D., founder, CEO, and chairman of Celularity, emphasizes the importance of the partnership in addressing the management of oral healthcare concerns.

“Oral health is fundamental to general health and wellness and has far reaching impacts on quality of life,” Hariri states in the press release. “The opportunity to manufacture placental-derived biomaterials for distribution by BioCellgraft will bring our exceptional, proven technology to the management of oral healthcare concerns and fill the treatment gap for patients who suffer from soft tissue and hard tissue conditions. I believe this represents a very large, currently under-served market opportunity and am very excited to work with renowned experts such as Dr Dard and his team to deploy existing technology as well as innovate together to address a wide range of dental and oral surgical conditions.”

The terms of the agreement between BioCellgraft and Celularity remain undisclosed. However, both companies are committed to advancing regenerative therapies for soft and hard tissues, addressing the critical absence of effective solutions in the realm of oral health. BioCellgraft, with its focus on revolutionary regenerative treatments, utilizes the Human Connective Tissue Matrix (HCTM) to introduce novel possibilities in tissue regeneration.

In the pursuit of innovation within oral healthcare, BioCellgraft stands as a beacon, driven by experienced dental experts and educators. The company's suite of products aims to enhance both soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity, offering a transformative approach to regenerative therapies.

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