Bio-LCB Shock-Absorbing Protective Base/Liner Now Available from EDS

New light-cured base and liner formulated to provide strength and to promote dentin remineralization.

Essential Dental Systems’ (EDS) Bio-LCB was developed as a shock-absorbing protective base/liner under composites, amalgams, and other cement materials. Unlike other bases/liners, Bio-LCB is formulated to provide superior strength, bonds to dentin, and promote dentin remineralization.

The proprietary UDMA-based formulation forms calcium hydroxide upon curing which results in an increase in pH. This action protects the pulp, stimulating pulpal cells to form dentin and decreases the risk of secondary decay.

This unique composition also contains remineralizing agents which are released upon setting to form hydroxyapatite and further aid in the remineralization of the surrounding dentition.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Bonds to dentin to prevent bacterial leakage and secondary decay
  • Promotes reparative dentin remineralization
  • Strong mechanical shock absorbing protection—bonds to dentin and restorative materials
  • Low polymerization shrinkage
  • Pulp protection and sensitivity reduction
  • Hydrophilic
  • Radiopaque

Pricing and Availability

Bio-LCB Light Cured Base and Liner is available now as a Starter Pack with 2 syringes (2g ea.) and 8 tips for a suggested retail price of $37.50 or as an Economy Pack with 4 syringes (2g ea.) and 16 tips for a suggested retail price of $71.60. Bio-LCB, and all EDS products are available via dental distributors. To order or for more information contact EDS at 201-487-9090 or visit