Benevis Recognizes Medicaid Awareness Month with Free Resources, Dental Care


In an effort to continue to remove barriers to dental care, the company is offering a variety of oral health resources while also offering free dental care to uninsured families.

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Dental support organization (DSO), Benevis, has announced its plans to highlight Medicaid Awareness Month. The DSO has pledged to expand access to quality oral care for underserved patient populations to continue its mission to improve patients’ lives by changing the model of dental health in the US, according to a press release from the company.

Serving underprivileged patient populations has long been an obstacle to receiving quality oral health care, with only 43% of US dentists accepting Medicaid or Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and 67% of dentists never treating a single child, according to the DSO’s statement. Benvis is acknowledging the healthcare providers that dedicate their time and energy to these underserved populations.

"To better serve diverse patient populations, collaboration across medical communities like primary care providers and oral healthcare teams is key," Peter Igoe, DDS, Louisiana State Dental Director, Benevis, said according to the press release. "Even in 2023, millions of American families still lack insurance eligibility and enrollment access which makes Benevis' work to lower financial, educational, and geographical barriers so vital to ensure everyone can enjoy happy, healthy smiles."

Benvis is among the small group of dental providers who choose to accept Medicaid. The company serves over 50,000 children annually, 82% of whom are Medicaid patients, according to Benevis.

In an effort to continue to remove barriers to dental care, especially in marginalized communities where the need for oral care is often the greatest, Benevis is offering a variety of oral health resources meant to inspire dental professionals and patients. These resources include:

  • Free Dental Care: Benevis will provide free dental care to uninsured families during Sharing Smiles Day on Sunday, May 21, 2023. Dentists and hygienists will offer quality dental care in 26 locally branded Benevis practices across 11 states.
  • Medicaid and CHIP Coverage Guide: Families can find information on health insurance programs and dental providers in their region by using an interactive map, which can be found at
  • Physician Dental Home Playbook: For healthcare providers looking to help patients establish a dental home or to review oral risk assessments and care checklists, a reference playbook can be found at

Uninsured families looking to receive free dental care on May 21 can register by visiting

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