The benefits of Nupro White Varnish

Why one hygiene mentor prefers using this varnish from Dentsply Sirona over others.

During the 17 years she’s spent in the dental industry, hygiene mentor Sarah Punnett has tried just about every varnish on the market. About a year ago, she began using the one her patients at Great Expressions Dental Centers like the most: Nupro White Varnish from Dentsply Sirona. It tastes better and it’s easier to apply, making the experience more pleasant for her patients while also saving her time.

Here’s what hygiene mentor Sarah Punnett says about Nupro White Varnish

Patients really like it. It’s not sticky and it stays in place. As a hygienist, I want something that’s really quick and easy to use. With Nupro White Varnish, it literally just takes a quick sweep across the front and back of the teeth to apply. Patients close and swallow and they’re out the door. They don’t have to stand at the sink to rinse and spit, and there’s a shorter wear time so they can quickly resume eating and drinking.

I’ve used varnishes for six or seven years, and while patients like them better than rinses, they aren’t happy if the varnish I use makes their teeth look yellow or if it ends up peeling and clumping. Nupro White Varnish doesn’t do any of that. Patients also want something that tastes good, and they seem to like Nupro White Varnish’s Raspberry version the most. No matter the flavor, this varnish shows up white on their teeth and doesn’t leave their teeth feeling sticky like some of the other varnishes do.

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Nupro White Varnish is portable, which is a feature I like. You don’t need cups or a sink, so you can take it with you to mobile clinics or to schools. It’s also really easy to place. I have an assistant who helps me in the office, and it’s so user friendly that it doesn’t matter which one of us applies it. You just wet the brush, apply and you’re done. It’s easy to implement and easy to work into a busy schedule. The amounts are just right, too. With other varnishes, you often end up with a lot left over.

Before we invested in Nupro White Varnish, we had to carry many different types of fluoride for our different types of patients. This varnish enabled us to get rid of everything else. It’s good for the little ones because they don’t ingest as much or have to hold it in their mouths and spit, and it’s good for adults because it’s safe and easy to use around restored teeth and crowns. We don’t have to worry about patient age or if they’ll be able to follow instructions or if they have restorations. This varnish fits everybody.

I also get better patient compliance. A lot more patients say “yes” because they don’t have to alter the way they go about their day afterward. Their teeth look and feel normal and they can eat right way.

Nupro White Varnish offers plenty of benefits for patients and hygienists. Patients like the flavor and the look of this varnish, and it feels better in their mouth. It’s easy to apply and user friendly. You might want to keep different flavors on hand, but as far as the delivery system, you have one and it covers everybody. Using this varnish really is a no-brainer.