The benefits of Estelite Bulk Fill Flow


How this bulk fill composite leads to efficient procedures and reliable restorations.

Dr. Gregg Fink has put his trust in composites from Tokuyama Dental America for more than 10 years, so it made sense for him to incorporate Estelite Bulk Fill Flow into his practice, Dental Arts of Delaware, when it was released in late 2017.

Because it’s so new, he’s only had the opportunity to use the material for a short time, but he says he’s already experienced the benefits the new bulk fill material has to offer. For instance, with this material there’s no need for a capping layer for restorations of up to 4 mm, which leads to faster, more efficient procedures at Dr. Fink’s general family practice - and that benefits both him and his patients.

What Dr. Fink says about Estelite Bulk Fill Flow

I’ve been using Estelite Bulk Fill Flow in my practice since it was released in the third quarter of 2017. The material comes from a company I trust and one that is well regarded by independent researchers. Not only that, the composites I’ve used from Tokuyama over the course of my career are reasonably priced and dependable. They’ve always worked very well and have held up over time. Bulk fills are starting to gain acceptance in the dental world, so I knew if Tokuyama developed a product that fit into the bulk fill category, it would be a product that I would want to try.

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So far, the material has brought a variety of benefits to my practice. First, there’s the speed of the procedure. The material cuts down how much time each procedure takes to complete by a few minutes, which can really add up over the course of a day. It’s also very easy to use and adapts to the shape of your preparation very nicely. The material features good flow and good adaptability, and it is easy to dispense exactly where you need it. This all leads to time savings. It also polishes up really nicely.

The benefits Estelite Bulk Fill Flow offers also extend to my patients. Because the procedure is shorter, patients spend less time in the chair. That means they don’t have to keep their mouths open as long, helping to lessen any soreness they might experience after the procedure. The material also makes it easier for me to complete multiple restorations at the same time, again reducing the amount of time patients have to spend in the chair.

Using this material doesn’t change the flow of how you perform a typical composite procedure, which I like. There’s no need to use multiple compules of composite for the same restoration, which is common with other bulk fills. You don’t have to spend time going back and forth between a flowable that adapts and a posterior hybrid composite. It really is just a more efficient way to place restorations.

While I’ve only used this bulk fill material for a short time, I have to say so far so good. I plan to continue to use Estelite Bulk Fill Flow in my practice and to keep tracking how it performs over time. Overall, Estelite Bulk Fill Flow is easy to use and makes composite procedures more efficient. And, of course, the material is backed by a company that consistently receives high rankings from independent researchers, making it a product I know I can trust.

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