The benefits of the DEXIS Platinum Intraoral Digital Imaging System

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DPR spoke with Dr. Gregory Zollo and hygienist Caitlin Robinson to discuss what they like best about DEXIS imaging software and sensors.

DPR spoke with Dr. Gregory Zollo and hygienist Caitlin Robinson to discuss what they like best about DEXIS imaging software and sensors.

Dr. Gregory Zollo, DDS:

I recently switched from film-based X-ray to DEXIS™ imaging software and the DEXIS™ Platinum sensor. The system is very simple to use and has many advantages over film. Of course, image quality should be a major consideration for any radiography system. One of the main benefits that I have experienced with the DEXIS system is consistency. The DEXIS Platinum sensor achieves consistently clear, quality images. The ClearVu™ image enhancement tool is a great application that makes those images appear even sharper. 

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Besides gaining the clearest images, limiting radiation exposure to patients is very important to me. According to DEXIS, in a laboratory study, the DEXIS Platinum sensor provided higher diagnostic image quality results at lower radiation doses when compared to competitive sensors, and the Platinum sensor demonstrated more consistency across both low and high radiation doses.* DEXIS also recently debuted DEXshield, which works exclusively with the DEXIS Platinum sensor and allows dentists to reduce radiation exposure by at least 30 percent. This all-in-one positioning ring can capture both periapical and bitewing radiographs. Using these together, I feel that I am doing all that I can to reduce radiation exposure for my patients. 

DEXIS digital radiography is an effective tool to communicate with both patients and specialist colleagues. For patients, I can enlarge the image as much as I want on my computer monitor to focus on a certain area without losing image quality. I can change contrast if needed to enhance detail. When working with specialists, I can securely and quickly email the images without wasting time duplicating film and waiting for mail delivery. 

The system saves time, offers me lower radiation options and produces great images for diagnosis and patient education. Knowing how it has improved our X-ray process, I feel DEXIS was the best decision for my practice, and I wish that I had implemented this system years ago.

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Hygienist Caitlin Robinson:


Since we switched from film to digital radiography, I gladly use it every day and have gotten very positive feedback from the patients. Taking digital X-rays is not as time consuming as using film. In fact, the size and shape of the DEXIS Platinum sensor has considerably reduced the time that it takes for an FMX because of how easy it is to move around the patient’s mouth. The rounded edges also make the sensor more comfortable for patients, so I find that taking X-rays with this system is quick, easy for me and painless for patients. When the digital image pops up on the computer, patients  are amazed that they can see their X-rays so quickly. They can easily spot areas of disease on these digital images when I point them out. I also have highlighting tools, and when patients can understand their X-rays, they realize that this is their ‘true condition,’ they can trust our recommendations-they can see the problem right there on the screen. 

Because the sensor has direct USB connectivity, we can transport it between our operatory laptops quickly and easily. We share one sensor and, because of its portability, none of us have found sharing  at all stressful. During our morning huddle, we look at who is taking X-rays so that we can hand off the sensor most efficiently. When we got DEXIS, we got rid of our film X-ray. It used to be our assistant’s job to maintain the processor and change the chemicals. She doesn’t miss doing that! DEXIS has been a great addition to our office. The patients love it, and I love it! 

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About DEXIS™ Platinum

In a long, dynamic history of bringing the best possible imaging solutions to general dentists and specialists alike, DEXIS offers the award-winning DEXIS™ Platinum sensor that incorporates PureImage™ technology-a group of highly sophisticated components TrueComfort™  design with beveled corners and smooth edges and highly portable direct USB connectivity. The sensor’s companion product, DEXshield™, yields at least 30 percent reduction in radiation exposure*. The feature-rich DEXIS™ imaging software is designed to allow for seamless integration with practice management programs, select imaging hardware, CariVu™ and DEXIS go™ iPad® app. Combined, the software and the Platinum sensor are said to provide dentists with the most consistent and best image quality at lower doses, the most comfortable sensor and the fastest workflow.

*data on file with DEXIS, LLC

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