Benco Dental Announces Partnership with Overjet

Benco Dental and Overjet will partner to bring artificial intelligence-powered diagnostic tools to dental practices across the U.S..

Benco Dental and Overjet have announced a partnership to offer dental artificial intelligence (AI) software to dental practices across the U.S.. This AI software from Overjet has FDA clearance and is designed to make diagnosing easier and more accurate. It uses machine learning to analyze scans. Use of it is said to lead to increased case acceptance, saving time usually taken to do administrative tasks, and increased productivity, according to a press release from Benco Dental.

“We’re excited to help speed the adoption of tech advances across oral healthcare, and our customer base has supported this commitment by investing nearly 1 in every 4 dollars they spend on the latest advances,” Benco Dental Managing Director Chuck Cohen said in the press release.

This partnership hopes to alleviate daily hassles and cut down on inefficiencies in dental practices, according to CEO and co-founder of Overjet Dr Wardah Inam.

“We are very excited to partner with Benco. This partnership is bringing two best-in-class companies together to improve oral health for all through innovation. The combination of Overjet’s powerful dental AI and Benco’s expansive dental distribution network will further accelerate the digital transformation of AI in dentistry,” Dr Inam said in the press release. “We are also thrilled to bring Overjet’s FDA-cleared cutting-edge AI technology to Benco customers to create evidence-based dentistry that boosts operational efficiency, practice performance, and patient outcomes.”