Benco Dental Acquires Popp Dental Supply

Benco Dental will acquire the family-owned Popp Dental Supply to offer a wide variety of technologies and products to its customers.

Benco Dental has announced its acquisition of Popp Dental Supply, a family-owned dental supply distributor headquartered in Greendale, WI. Popp Dental Supply was founded in 1991 by Bob Popp as an extension of a previous dental laboratory business. Co-owners Tim Nielson, John Przybyla, David Kelsay, and James Brown all agree that Benco Dental would be a good fit for the dental supply company.

“As a family-owned and customer-focused company, Benco Dental is the right fit so we can continue delivering the care our valued, long-term customers have come to expect," Nielson said in a press release from Benco Dental. "Plus, they'll now have access to a comprehensive portfolio of technology, equipment and services that includes everything doctors need to grow and succeed, for the lives of their practices."

Popp Dental says that this is a new chapter for its customers and practices as they partner with a large distributor with a variety of new resources. Terms of the sale were not disclosed, and Popp Dental Supply was represented by Connect the Dents, LLC.