Bellus3D Wins Patent for Automatic Alignment of Digital Face Scans

Newly patented software application makes creating digital full face models of patients simpler.

Bellus3D recently won a new U.S. patent covering its automatic process for aligning multiple 3D face models of a patient with dental intraoral scans without the need for external markers.

This technique is used to create fully aligned 3D models of patients which can be used for both dental treatment planning as well as clinical diagnostics. The patented workflow begins with intraoral 3D scans of the patient's upper and lower jaws. Next, a 3D extraoral face scan is completed and the software aligns and integrates the images.

Prior to this new software solution, markings were used to provide common reference points for the images. The updated software accomplishes the same thing using the patient's exposed teeth while smiling to create these reference points. Finally, a second face scan showing the patient with a resting facial expression can be aligned as well.