Bankers Healthcare Group launches podcast for medical practice owners

The podcast is designed to help dentists and other professionals attract new patients through digital marketing tactics.

Bankers Healthcare Group recently launched a podcast to help dentists, doctors and veterinarians attract new patients through easy-to-implement digital marketing tactics.

Episode 1 of the “Perfecting Your Practice” podcast series provides medical professionals with five simple tips to market their services and expand their patient bases through search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

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“If you’re not leveraging online channels to promote your private practice, you’re likely missing out on a large pool of potential patients,” says Chris Panebianco, BHG chief marketing officer, in a statement. “Marketing can provide a quick boost to your practice when done efficiently - and you don’t need a big budget or to be an expert.”

To listen to Episode 1, “5 Simple Marketing Tips to Attract New Patients,” click here.