Baby Abandoned Outside Georgia Dentist's Office

A teenager appeared to be attempting to abide by the state's Safe Haven law when he left a newborn outside a dentist's office.

Authorities are considering whether to press charges after a newborn infant was dropped off at a Stockbridge, GA dentist’s office early Sunday morning.

In the 911 call, a 17-year-old male student told the dispatchers, “I would like to report a baby at the Davis Family Dentistry across from the emergency ambulance entrance at Piedmont Medical. This is not a joke. Please go. Hurry.”

First responders found the infant unharmed around 5 a.m., and reported he was likely born two to three hours prior to the 911 call.

In a statement to 11Alive News, police said, “The mother was located, young teenager, and is being treated at a medical facility. The case may be presented to the appropriate court to determine charges. Our priority is the welfare of the baby boy and mother.”

It was not known whether the 17-year-old 911 caller was related to the mother or baby.

According to Georgia’s safe haven laws, a child’s mother can leave her newborn, up to seven days old, with an employee of any medical facility without facing legal ramifications.

A dental office is not considered a medical facility under the law. However, in this case the dentist’s office was located next to a hospital. It is not known how the location of the drop-off will be taken into account when determining whether to press charges.

The co-founder of The Hope Box, a legal baby safe haven in Georgia, told 11Alive News she believes Georgia’s safe haven law is the weakest in the US.

Meanwhile, detectives are slated to meet with appropriate prosecutors to determine whether any charges would be filed.