AvaDent unveils new bar placement technology in digital dentures

AvaDent has announced a new bar option for digital hybrid dentures, Digital Bar Placement Technology.

AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions (AvaDent) recently announced the release of Digital Bar Placement Technology

“AvaDent is excited to be introducing a new technology for hybrid implant prostheses where the bar is integrated into the resin denture by milling a precision slot to accurately position the bar using AvaDent’s patented Digital Bar Placement Technology," says Tim Thompson, President and CEO of AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions. “This AvaDent proprietary process ensures the bar is precisely related to both the implants and occlusion within a fully homogeneous one-piece PMMA puck. Finally, the puck is accurately machined into the required morphology of a high-strength one-piece hybrid denture. This revolutionary process of one-piece monolithic milling is very important for implant hybrid prostheses to minimize or eliminate delamination of teeth or fracturing of the base during loading.” 

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Both the bar and denture are designed digitally, in one workflow, allowing concurrent integration of the designs. The design file of a milled bar and the digital cutout file of the acrylic resin base and teeth are merged into one file prior to the resin milling and processing. These merged files create a one-piece milling of digitally designed teeth and base which results in a solid mass of PMMA encapsulating the milled implant bar. The one-piece milled resin base and teeth are seated over the implant bar while a final PMMA processing procedure ensures mechanical retention and precision location of the bar within the prosthetic space.

The precision slot leaves an equal and constant space around the bar so that even when the teeth are milled or reduced from the inside, the clearance has a constant thickness which reportedly results in enhanced support for the teeth, and is desgined to save costs on models, implant analogs, time and logistics. 

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AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions offers a full line of treatment options including dentures, overdentures and fixed hybrid solutions. For additional information call 855-AVADENT (282-3368) or visit avadent.com