Aurident now offering Shining scanners with exocad software

Aurident, Inc. has announced they have agreed to offer three scanners from Shining 3D, manufacturer of CAD/CAM equipment.

In a press release, Aurident, Inc has announced they have entered into an agreement with Shinning 3D Tech Co LTD to distribute and service Shining 3D scanners in the North America. The agreement will bring three of Shining’s scanners to Aurident’s product offerings.

The scanners are reportedly designed to be cost-effective and are reportedly highly efficient and technoloigically advanced. The DSX model is a is engineered to be a low-cost, reliable blue light scanner, ideal for any size laboratory. The DS200+ model is a high production, competitively priced scanner capable of scanning a full arch in six seconds. The DS300 model scanner is capable of scanning fully articulated models.

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All Shining 3D scanners use exocad CAD software, available from Aurident. Aurident will also arrange for financing or leasing options for scanners and software at favorable terms. For more information on Shining 3D scanners, call Aurident at (800) 422-7373 or visit