Aspen Dental Rebrands as The Aspen Group

Aspen Dental will rebrand as The Aspen Group to reflect its expansion in serving a variety of different healthcare to patients.

Dental management company, Aspen Dental has announced its rebranding to The Aspen Group (TAG). This rebrand is meant to reflect TAG’s expansion beyond general dentistry and into other healthcare industries, according to a press release from the company. These industries include dental implants, urgent care, and medical esthetics.

After launching clear aligner service Motto in 2021, TAG took its first steps in providing a more customer-service based experience for patients. Their goal was to soothe anxieties by treating the dental healthcare offering as a customer service experience.

As a part of this rebranding, TAG has also opened its headquarters in Chicago in October 2021. This office is said to support team collaboration, strategy optimization, and professional education for healthcare professionals who are a part of the TAG network, according to TAG founder, chairman, and CEO Bob Fontana.

"Our new headquarters is a great place for people to gather," Fontana said in the press release. Part of what makes The Aspen Group unique is the comradery. We wanted to build a space that supports collaboration – to provide our growing team and the thousands of doctors and healthcare professionals who we support with an incredible space to come together. Our new headquarters was built with that in mind – in the heart of one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Chicago. The space pays homage to the history of our company – with three floors dedicated to a state-of-the art dental training center –while also reflecting the new brand, and the modern evolution of the company."

Fontana says that this opening of the headquarters is just a small part of this next step for TAG, and that it will continue to focus on expansion in a variety of healthcare fields.

"When we launched Aspen Dental more than 20 years ago, we set out to break down the barriers that made it hard for people to keep up with their dental health," Fontana said. "Our aim has always been to provide better access, affordability, and transparency, and we knew the key to better patient care started with a human-centered approach. As we expand our business and grow our brand, we're setting out to achieve one simple goal: to bring better healthcare to more people.”