Aspen Dental Partners with MyLabConnect

This new cloud-based software will make it easier to Aspen Dental practices to have direct communication with dental laboratories.

Aspen Dental (now recognized as The Aspen Group) has announced a partnership with MyLabConnect. MyLabConnect is a cloud-based software platform that will allow Aspen Dental practices to order and track prescriptions, manage integrated IOS digital and chairside workflows, digitally integrate with dental labs, and manage communications with dental labs and design centers, according to a press release from the company.

This partnership is said to allow these practices to better communicate with their dental labs in a more efficient manner, according to COO at The Aspen Group Gina Bruzzichesi.

"Having a single platform to manage the flow of communications will allow the doctors to spend less time on paperwork, so they can have more time to focus on what matters most – patient care," Bruzzichesi said in the press release. "And, what makes the MyLabConnect platform even more convenient is that it is a multilingual platform that doctors and their teams can use on desktop or on mobile."

MyLabConnect was piloted by Dentalle, a longstanding Aspen Dental preferred laboratory. This ensured easy integration with management systems and intraoral scanners. With this early implementation, Aspen Dental could ensure an easier launch on December 6, 2021.

Aspen Dental practices across the United States are now able to utilize the MyLabConnect software in their daily use.