Aspen Dental Launches New Membership Program

The Aspen Dental Savings Plan is powered by Membersy, and its goal is to make dentistry more accessible.

Aspen Dental has launched a nationwide membership plan to help make dental office visits more affordable for patients without insurance. The Aspen Dental Savings Plan® is a new dental membership program powered by Membersy, a digital health company that provides dental organizations with membership programs with the aim of making dentistry more approachable.

Plans are available at select Aspen Dental offices nationwide. A primary plan membership costs $39 per year and $20 per year for each additional family member. Members will have access to exclusive savings including free exams and x-rays, plus up to 30% off most other dental services, according to a press release from Aspen Dental.

“One of our missions at Aspen Dental is to continue to find ways and create programs to expand access to care. With the new Aspen Dental Savings Plan, we can do just that,” Dr Arwinder Judge, chief clinical officer at Aspen Dental, said, according to the press release. “The membership plan is an alternative to dental insurance that empowers self-pay patients to get the treatment they need and benefit from discounts on the preventative dental care they need.”

Other membership benefits include:

  • No preexisting condition exclusions
  • Instant enrollment: enroll in-office, online, by phone, or via mail.
  • No claims to process: all discounts are built-in, with no extra paperwork.
  • No waiting periods
  • Pay less, get more: make your budget go even further with no deductible.

“At Membersy, our mission is to create a world where the quality of care people receive isn’t determined by their insurance companies,” Membersy CEO, Michael Shuman, according to the press release. “We are proud to launch the Aspen Dental Savings Plan, which is an important step towards ensuring that everyone has access to the dental care they need, regardless of their financial situation. We believe this collaboration will make a real difference in the lives of many people and look forward to seeing the positive impact that we will have on communities across the country.”