ASI Releases New Surgical Dental Treatment Station The Glider

New integrated instrument solution designed to deliver efficient implant and surgical procedures.

Designed as an integrated instrument solution for efficient implant and surgical procedures, ASI Dental has introduced The Glider™. The new surgical dental treatment station is easily positioned over standard and surgical style patient chairs and provides sufficient workspace to lay out sterile instruments while integrating motors, handpieces, and suction instruments for ease of access by the dental team.

The Glider is mounted on stable, heavy-duty casters with a programmable electric height adjustment. This allows for a full range of operator capability for either sit-down or stand-up treatment with mobile positioning for desired placement.

  • The Glider Surgical Dental Treatment Station Model 90-2148 includes several features and benefits to make for efficient workflows, including:
  • Customizable instrument delivery with operation from only one foot control
  • Standard pneumatic air handpiece connections and dual air/water syringes for doctor and assistant
  • Titanium suction handpieces with autoclavable tubing
  • Articulating handpiece holder bar for preferred placement
  • Internal water bottle system for standard irrigation with surgical saline pump option
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean, non-porous solid surface worktop provides sufficient workspace for placing hand instruments and other devices. Measures 52” wide by 28” deep
  • Telescoping height-adjustable with programmable electric adjustment

Additionally, the treatment station is offered with a number of instrument and accessory options, including:

  • Integrated surgical motors with full range of handpiece attachments for surgical to implant
  • Integrated piezo ultrasonic options
  • Integrated curing light option
  • Side-mounted dovetail bars on each side. Holds accessory items including saline hooks, sharps container, removable sterilizable handpiece holder, wipes bracket, and waste bins
  • Side-mounted or rear mounted glove dispenser option
  • Rear rail system for storage trays, glove box holders, or flip top supply bins
  • Post-mounted monitor mounts with either VESA mount or shelf