ASI Dental Introduces New Specialty Chair, High Flow Suction Upgrade

ASI's new Elevate dental chair is designed for multi-specialty use.

ASI Dental has released an upgrade to its high flow suction system. This upgrade is now available for new ASI self-contained systems or as a retrofit for existing carts. The high flow vacuum is designed to provide 20% extra flow, which is said to better capture aerosols during treatment.

This added flow can improve suction performance with simultaneous use of the saliva ejector and high-volume evacuator or when using a second HVE for nitrous oxide scavenging applications. ASI’s self-contained models also offer 3 pneumatic handpiece connections, dual air/water syringes, an internal air compressor, a dual closed water bottle system with a waterline disinfection treatment cartridge, and an assistant arm with straight HVE and saliva ejector.

ASI has also introduced its new multi-specialty dental chair, Elevate™, which is said to provide advanced treatment capabilities. The Elevate chair allows the patient positioning to be optimized for specialized treatment procedures, including endodontics and implants, which still providing full restorative treatment. Its smooth-acting swivel features allow side-to-side movement with a 60° range. The traverse movement allows the chair to glide forward and backward and it also features a dual articulation headrest and backrest and programmable membrane chair control.

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