Arnold Magnetic Technologies Offers Titanium Foils

The new titanium foils and alloys are suitable for a range of dental applications.

Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation, a manufacturer of high-performance magnets, and highly loaded composites has announced a new range of titanium foils and alloys. Arnold now offers thin cold-rolled titanium in a variety of Commercially Pure Grades and alloys and a broad range of thicknesses and widths for several dental applications.

Titanium offers exceptional characteristics for high overall strength, biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and workability. Lightweight and durable under harsh temperatures and chemical conditions, titanium sheet and foil materials from Arnold are available in a number of grades for various end-uses.

Arnold achieves unmatched thinness while maintaining controlled, consistent mechanical and physical qualities, according to a press release from the company. The Ultra Thin Gauge foil is available in thicknesses down to 2 μm (0.00008 inches) in addition to the Thin Gauge options (0.020 – 0.0005 inches). Widths are available up to 17.5 inches depending on thickness.

The company also offers multiple Commercially Pure (CP) grades with 99%+ pure titanium. Options include Grade 1, which has the highest purity of commercially available titanium and excellent corrosion resistance to chlorides; Grade 2, the most commonly-used grade of CP titanium; and Grade 4, which is the strongest CP grade.