ArgenZ Anterior super translucent zirconia

Argen Corp. has announced ArgenZ Anterior super translucent zirconia is now available in standard-sized, millable discs.

The Argen Corporation now offers ArgenZ Anterior Super Translucent Zirconia in disc form. ArgenZ Anterior discs are made in the USA and are available in 98 mm in a full range of thicknesses to fit most mills with 95mm and 100mm coming soon.

This expands Argen’s Zirconia disc offerings to include ArgenZ Anterior super translucent, ArgenZ Esthetic white HT and ArgenZ Ultra high strength with ArgenZ Esthetic shaded HT coming soon in 16 Vita Shades and one bleach shade.

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ArgenZ Anterior gives the dental laboratory a new, highly esthetic option that features the enhanced strength of zirconia restorations. ArgenZ Anterior reportedly offers a 25 percent increase in translucency over HT Zirconia while achieving an increased flexural strength of 765 MPa compared to lithium disilicate. 

A restoration created with ArgenZ Anterior

The composition of ArgenZ Anterior contains cubic zirconia which refracts additional light. This creates an optical effect closely mimicking that of natural teeth resulting in beautiful, life-like restorations for the esthetic zone. ArgenZ Anterior is indicated for 3-unit full contour anterior bridges and single unit anterior and posterior crowns and copings.

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Additionally, labs can now place Zirconia disc orders online! Argen’s new ecommerce website,, features a shopping cart and a variety of products available for purchase online.

To learn more about ArgenZ Anterior Zirconia, or to request a log-on for, please contact Argen at 800-255-5524.