Argen Digital introduces new super translucent zirconia

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Argen Digital has introduced a new super translucent zirconia, ArgenZ Anterior.

In the latest example of new, super-translucent zirconia materials being released in the U.S. market, Argen Digital has announced the launch of Argen Z Anterior Super Translucent Milled Zirconia. ArgenZ Anterior is designed to provide dental laboratories an alternative to lithium disilicate with added strength.

ArgenZ Anterior reportedly offers a 25 percent increase in translucency over HT Zirconia while achieving an increased flexural strength of 765 MPa. The composition of ArgenZ Anterior contains cubic zirconia, which refracts light; this feature creates an optical effect closely mimicking that of natural teeth. The final results are said to be beautiful, life-like restorations for the esthetic zone.

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ArgenZ Anterior adds a cosmetic solution to the ArgenZ Zirconia family of shaded HT, white HT and high strength zirconia products. ArgenZ Anterior is available in single unit anterior and posterior full contour crowns and three-unit full contour anterior bridges and is made in the USA.

“Zirconia materials have come a long way from the white, opaque materials of yesteryear,” explains Michael Clark, Senior Vice-President, Domestic Sales at the Argen Corporation. “Today, all-ceramics offer dental laboratories a monolithic product with qualities of beauty and strength. We believe ArgenZ Anterior Super Translucent Zirconia is the premier cosmetic zirconia solution for restorations in the anterior region. ArgenZ Anterior offers vitality and esthetics similar to lithium disilicate with increased accuracy and strength.”


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