Applying OperaDDS in your practice


In this tech brief, we examine OperaDDS, a comprehensive communication program.

OperaDDS reportedly allows dentists to communicate simply with staff, patients, associates, technicians and colleagues and is said to result in happier patients and a more productive office.

It is designed for use on computers, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches, depending on each team member’s specific preference.

Simple PAGER feature: PAGER allows dentists to communicate from anywhere with an Internet connection. No more yelling down the hall, cryptic light box messages or staticky headsets. Dental professionals reportedly can use PAGER’s simple, one-touch real-time notifications or create custom checklists.

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Patient protection: The SEND feature, set up like a traditional email host, is said to be easy to use and HIPAA-compliant. SEND is designed to allow dentists to easily correspond with patients by sending all of their personal information, including medical history, X-rays and CT scans, to the patient portal.

File sharing: Sharing cases with a lab, specialist or staff member is said to be easy and safe with CHORUS. The online collaboration in CHORUS reportedly gives dental professionals thorough, HIPAA-secure interaction with digital Rx forms, photo attachments, videos, and CT scans, as well as time- and date-stamped comments. Clinicians can receive updates on case statuses so they know the specific progress of each case.

For more information on OperaDDS, visit or call 800-399-9171.

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