Applying the Newport Biologics™ line of regenerative materials in your practice


A closer look at Glidewell Laboratories’ new line of bone grafting products.

Glidewell Laboratories, a provider of dental laboratory services and intraoral medical devices, recently unveiled the Newport Biologics™ line of bone grafting products.

Featuring allograft and alloplast bone graft options, as well as resorbable barrier membranes and a collagen-based wound dressing, this product line is reportedly aimed at increasing clinician access to top-quality regenerative materials for use in cases marked by bone or soft tissue deficiencies.

Careful selection

Newport Biologics’ products are reportedly carefully selected for the dental practice and processed in accordance with rigorous U.S. FDA regulations. The allograft materials are sourced from the University of Miami Tissue Bank and resorbable membranes are engineered to optimize handling characteristics. 

A variety of treatment possibilities

Newport Biologics reportedly allows clinicians to treat the majority of grafting indications, including extraction socket regeneration, ridge augmentation, sinus floor elevation, periodontal reconstruction and peri-implant management. 

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Bone grafting materials

Newport Biologics Mineralized Cortico/Cancellous Allograft Blend reportedly offers the best of cortical and cancellous features in an ideal mixture, designed to provide an osteoconductive matrix conducive to rapid site revascularization and structural integrity. 


The Resorbable Collagen Membrane 3-4 is a strong, conformable collagen barrier membrane manufactured from purified porcine peritoneum tissue.

Wound dressing

The Resorbable Collagen Plug is a resorbable wound dressing made of collagen derived from bovine dermis. It can reportedly be used for the management of extraction sites. It is said to protect the wound bed, aid in wound healing and essentially reabsorb within 30 days of placement.

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