Applying New Technologies: Invisalign Assist

November 2008  | Dental Products ReportApplying New Technologies: Invisalign AssistiStay on targetThe treatment strategy that helps keep each case on solid footing.

November 2008  | Dental Products Report
Applying New Technologies: Invisalign Assist


Stay on target

The treatment strategy that helps keep each case on solid footing.

Information provided by Align Technology

Many general dentists say they need assistance in three key areas when they first start doing Invisalign cases:

Assistance in case selection to improve treatment predictability

Reduction of doctor time and effort

Minimizing the amount of training required to use the Invisalign system

In response to these requests, Invisalign Assist provides additional procedural and technical support to help dentists deliver high-quality orthodontic treatment while gaining experience with the system’s techniques and outcomes. Invisalign Assist focuses on treatment goals that meet the patient’s esthetic needs and relies primarily on the use of the aligners, rather than more complex orthodontic techniques and auxiliaries. The system is designed to achieve the virtual treatment goals by providing step-by-step support to keep the case on track.



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Easy online photo submission.


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Clear online review of detailed treatment plans.




Progress tracking clearly shows which teeth are moving according to the treatment plan (green) and which are not (purple).


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Treatment delivery timeline gives clear information to clinician on appointment planning and necessary tasks.




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Additional Information

Step-by-step case assessment and treatment planning

Virtual setup and aligner delivery

Progress monitoring and staged shipment of aligners

Step-by-step treatment refinement and retention

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