Applying the Midwest Stylus ATC in your practice

A look at how the Midwest Stylus ATC from Dentsply Sirona could be used in your practice.

The Midwest® Stylus™ ATC Handpiece is said to be a real change in handpiece technology and the cutting experience. It contains several features that are said to make it the most powerful, efficient and effortless cutting experience ever.

Smart technologies: A sensor in the Midwest® Stylus™ ATC Handpiece connects to an electronic “brain” in the control source that constantly maintains bur speed according to load, which reportedly allows it to know when to deliver more power. The technology is also said to virtually eliminate stalling and the need to make frequent adjustments because it automatically optimizes power. 

Smooth operation: The handpiece delivers constant speed under load for cutting efficiency and faster removal of material, and is said to be the most powerful air-driven handpiece. The speed adjusts when the bur is not under load to minimize wear on handpiece bearings. The handpiece also reportedly emits a low pitch and tone, which can increase dentist and patient comfort. 

Fast performance: The Superior Turbine Suspension (STS) reportedly allows the handpiece to operate at speeds of 330,000 RPM without noticeable bur deflection or chattering for better control and precision. This is said to create a greater, more consistent transference of power from the handpiece to the bur for maximized cutting efficiency. 

Control: The handpiece reportedly allows you to control the degree of precision you need, time after time, and also to deliver smooth precision and control for margin refinement and restorative procedures. 

Freedom: The handpiece features a swivel allowing what are said to be exceptional rotational capabilities. Mini and medium heads are available, as well as short shank and regular bur compatibility.