AMD Lasers Announces 1-Second Cure Update for Monet Curing Laser

The laser curing light has received an upgrade to make procedures more efficient for both time and saving money.

AMD Lasers has announced an upgrade for its Monet™ Curing Laser. This upgrade is said to take the 3-second cure to a 2-second cure. As a part of this upgrade, the Monet Curing Laser is said to feature 3-4 mm depths of composites in 1 second, less shrinkage and high initial polymer conversion rate in comparison to LED curing lights, compatibility, no heat issues, and other notable, ergonomic features.

The coherent collimated beam in the Monet Curing Laser offers shorter cure times when in comparison with the uncollimated light beams of standard LED curing lights. LED curing lights, while an important innovation, still have other limitations that the Monet Curing Laser has improved upon, making this an innovation worth investing in, according to Densen Cao, PhD, President of AMD.

"Practitioners have been overwhelmed by the features of Monet vs. LED curing lights since we introduced the Monet Curing Laser with a 3-second cure in February 2021. Many of them do not believe the 1-second cure until they tried them onet. Internal and independent research has proven that Monet can cure 3-4 mm depths of composites in 1 second. Upgrading from 3 seconds to 1 second provides many benefits to dental procedures beyond the product value which is very competitive to top LED curing lights in the market,” Dr Cao said in a press release from the company. "The Monet Curing Laser is leading the revolution of dental curing and provides easier, faster, and better curing in dental procedures, not only saving operating time but also ensures quality results for dental practitioners."

As a subsidiary of the CAO Group, AMD Lasers hopes to lead the dental industry in diode laser technology.