Ambience PPE Debuts Adjustable Loupe Face Shield

The new Loupe Face Shield features a visor that slides forward to fit nearly any loupe and light set up.

Ambience PPE has debuted its new Loupe Face Shield, which is adjustable to fit a variety of different kinds of loupes. Developed by Scott Yamaoka, DDS, MS, a periodontist in Vancouver, British Columbia, and his son Zach Yamaoka, a former Dyson engineer, the face shield went through nearly 60 prototypes with the help of 12 different dentists to arrive at the final design.

The Loupe Face Shield features a nano surface optical visor that is said to be 10x less reflective than the standard PET plastic used in other visors. It also allows 97% of light to pass through versus 87% in the PET visors, which is designed to reduce glare, enabling clinicians to see with great clarity while reducing eye strain.

In addition, the Loupe Face Shield features an adjustable front clearance. The entire visor slides up to 9cm forward, allowing enough room for nearly any loupe and light set up to fit with the visor.

The Loupe Face Shield is currently available in Canada through Health Canada and in the United States. For more information, visit