Amann Girrbach Updates Ceramill Software

Ceramill 4.0 now integrates exocad Galway and numerous other functions.

Amann Girrbach has released an update to its Ceramill software. Ceramill 4.0 now integrates exocad Galway and numerous other functions. Users can now work with greater clarity and efficiency in a uniform workflow—from the Ceramill Scan software and the Ceramill Mind through to the Ceramill Match 2 and Ceramill Motion.

Its Auto-Antagonist function determines the exact alignment of the 2 jaws based on an algorithm. Then the software’s Auto-Morphing function automatically adapts the tooth anatomy to the antagonist and the surrounding area, as well as automatically changing the spacing and fissures. The result is harmonious integration into the patient's dentition.

Additionally, the update offers a number of other functions. The insertion direction can be adjusted intuitively and conveniently and an improved view on the indication provides the opportunity for an immediate assessment of the impact. Scaling, rotating, modifying, and copying the connectors is possible from 3 different perspectives due to the Multi-View feature, enabling adaption to the restoration with precision. The M-Smile feature will recognize the eyes and lip lines as well as allow for the fabrication of the matching mock-up for the patient with the aid of the 3D printer for a direct fitting—even before the final restoration.

Other new features include the option of saving full dentures as standard libraries, the time-saving Auto-Articulation, as well as a more efficient algorithm that can reduce matching time by 37 percent (when using the Ceramill Map 600+) or up to 65 percent (when using the Ceramill Map 200+).