Amann Girrbach introduces new coloring concept

Amann Girrbach has unveiled FASTHETIX, a new coloring concept for zirconia that reportedly enables premium esthetics in 20 seconds.

Amann Girrbach has announced a new coloring concept designed for their zirconia. Amann Girrbach’s FASTHETIX is designed to make it possible to produce excellent esthetics with ideal color and shade matching results in less than 20 seconds.

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These results reportedly can be achieved faster than ever and by using just one coloring kit when working with Ceramill Zolid and Ceramill Zolid FX, the company’s high- and super-high-translucent ziconia materials. The FASTETHIX concept provides dip or brush techniques to color and individualize restorations quick and effectively.

Amann Girrbach also has support videos, indication guides and related courses to make it as easy as coloring itself to enter and grow in the world of Ceramill zirconia.

Additionally, Amann Girrbach also provides a wide range of additional liquids, shade modifiers and accessories.