Amann Girrbach Expands Chairside Indictions and Materials with the Launch of Ceramill DRS Software Upgrade 1.5


Enhanced chairside dental CAD/CAM system also includes improvements to the scanning software.

Amann Girrbach Expands Chairside Indictions and Materials with the Launch of Ceramill DRS Software Upgrade 1.5  | Image Credit: © Amann Girrbach

Image Credit: © Amann Girrbach

Amann Girrbach recently introduced Ceramill DRS Software Upgrade 1.5, which brings new features, expanded indications, streamlined workflows and additional materials to users of this chairside CAD/CAM solution, according to a press release. The upgrades include improvements to the Ceramill Map DRS, Ceramill Mind DRS, and Ceramill Motion DRS software platforms.

The upgrades start with the new Ceramill Software Manager which is designed to simplify installation and updating of the Ceramill DRS software. Users will receive automatic notifications of available upgrades, along with a complete overview of all the new features.

With the update to the CeraMill Map DRS scanning software, the system’s intraoral scanner receives enhanced speed and scanning performance. The user interface is also updated to include new user-friendly icons and the 3D scan display color has also been improved.

"Optimized algorithms enable smarter and faster scanning, resulting in a smooth scanning process without waiting periods. This enables even less experienced users to achieve precise results," Robert Rosiak, senior product manager business unit clinical CAD/CAM at Amann Girrbach explains in a press release. "Scanning planes can now be easily duplicated, switched, erased, or specific areas can be locked.”.

With the software update the Ceramill Motion DRS milling machine has access to enhanced milling strategies and is compatible with a broader ranger of materials. The mill is now capable of processing all block materials with universal mandrels. The mill now offers both validated and generic milling strategies for use with different materials.

"This offers users maximum flexibility. Validated strategies are possible for selected manufacturers and materials, and generic strategies are thus possible for all others," Rosiak says.

The software update also adds the new Ceramill DRS abutment workflow to the system. Via the Ceramill Mind DRS M-Plant upgrade module, users can design and mill screw-retained crowns and two-piece individual abutments with simple workflows. The solution works with multiple implant systems including validated libraries from Medentika and Tri-Implant Matrix, as well as compatibility with exocad-signed libraries. With the new workflow and the Zolid DRS sintering material, a screw-retained molar crown can be produced in approximately 25 minutes and sintered in 30 minutes.

"In-house production not only increases speed, but also results in enormous cost savings - while at the same time ensuring maximum precision and quality," says Amann Girrbach Senior Product Manager Business Unit Clinical CAD/CAM Elena Bleil.

The software update also adds access to the Artex CR virtual articulator,

adjustment of abrasion facets for more natural restoration design, a color visualization of free-form areas, and the addition of the partial crown indication.

"All these innovations contribute to making the software easier to use and thus more user-friendly. As a consequence, less reworking of the restoration in the patient's mouth is required," says Bleil.

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