Amann Girrbach Announces Limited Edition Artex CR Gold Articulator

Only 1000 of these specially designed articulators will be available.

Produced as a special edition of just 1000 units, the Artex CR Gold articulator from Amann Girrbach features the same functionalities as the standard Artex CR, but with a stylish look featuring gold and carbon black coloring.

A universal diagnostic and therapeutic device in Arcon design, the articulator features a reproducible centric system said to ensure safe start and end position of each movement. The articulator is capable of detecting defects of less than 20 µm, allowing technicians and clinicians to design and fabricate restorations for ideal function.

The Artex CR Gold is lightweight, stable, and ergonomic, making it a valuable tool for both accuracy and efficiency. Available for a limited time in a limited edition through Amann Girrbach salespeople, the Artex CR Gold is expected to ship toward the end of the year.