Alphaeon and Dentulu Using Teledentistry and Financing to Expand Access


Dentulu expands access to dental care utilizing Teledentistry while improving affordability of dental services using dental financing through partnership with Alphaeon Credit.

Alphaeon and Dentulu Using Teledentistry and Financing to Expand Access

In an effort to provide patients with affordablepayment plan options to help them get the care they need with easy access to patientfinancing, Dentulu is partnering with AlphaeonCredit to expand access to patientfinancing to millions of consumers anddental providers across the UnitedStates.

Using Dentulu’s Teledentistryplatform and nationwide network of Teledentists, Dentulu is aiming toprovide itspatients with greater access to variousdental services from the comfort oftheir own homes.

The ability to achieve good oral health and access quality dental services has become increasingly difficult and unaffordable for millions of patients across the United States. With rising costs of dental treatment coupled with hikes in the cost of living, many consumers find themselves making tough decisions when presented with both elective and non-elective dental procedures, according to Dentulu.

The impact of good oral health on the general health is well established in both the dental and medical communities and Teledentistry has presented significant headway in helping increase access to dental care.

Dental financing has traditionally helped millions of patients receive the care they needed in the brick-and-mortar dental setting and now aims to provide the same benefits to patients who are seeking dental care remotely through the utilization of Telemedicine.

“As a practicing dentist I have had the pleasure of working with Alphaeon Credit in my dental offices for many years and have offered their services to my patients to help alleviate the financial pressures of dental procedures. It’s now my unique pleasure to with Tony Seymore and his amazing team at Alphaeon Credit to help expand their reach to millions of patients across the nation outside of the dental office setting through Dentulu’s platform,” Arash Hakhamian, DDS, co-founder and CEO of Dentulu, explains in a press release. “Both Dentulu and Alphaeon recognize the benefits of providing affordable payment options to dental patients and it’s tremendous role in helping improve the quality of patient care. We are equally excited to work together to provide ongoing innovations and improvements in how we deliver our services to our clients with the ultimate goal of helping patients and the providers that service them.”

Dentulu has established innovative marketing channels with companies like Walgreens and LG televisions to provide new ways for patients to experience Teledentistry and access dental services. Patients can access Dentulu Teledentists on their mobile phones, tablets, computers and even smart televisions where they will be able to seek various dental procedures from the comfort of their home. Dentulu Teledentists work closely with local dental offices to whom they refer their patients for additional treatment and to ensure comprehensive care to their patients.

Alphaeon clients can access a large network of dental offices where members can utilize their financing to receive dental care for any dental services they may require. Patients will be able to get pre-approved after qualification based on their credit worthiness. Once approved, they will be able to access various payment plan options on dental care that they need.

Dentulu’s decision to choose Alphaeon to partner with in providing patient financing stems from the company’s stellar reputation, great customer service, and expanding opportunities to approve a large audience of patients with various credit ratings. In addition to the ability to prequalify and utilize patient financing on Dentulu, members will be able to utilize payment plans outside of Dentulu’s platform in a variety of different settings including traditional dental offices.

"We are thrilled to partner with Dentulu to bring our patients a convenient and flexible financing solution for their teledentistry consultations and services" says Tony Seymour, President of Alphaeon Credit. "Our goal is to help make quality dental care more accessible to patients, and this partnership is a big step in achieving that goal by expanding access to diagnostic and referral care from the comfort of a patient’s own home."

The 2 companies expect to finalize integrations and begin offering financing on Dentulu in May of 2023.

Dentulu is a dental technology company with a nationwide Teledentistry network helping provide innovative dental solutions to patients across the United States. They are the inventor of the MouthCam consumer intraoral camera and operate the world’s most comprehensive HIPAA compliant Teledentistry platform. Dentulu provides an ecosystem that allows patients, dental professionals, and vendors to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Alphaeon Credit, Inc., a leading patient financing company based in Newport Beach, California, specializes in providing patients with innovative financing solutions for elective or nonreimbursed healthcare procedures, treatments, and services. With the introduction of Alphaeon Access, Alphaeon Credit approves up to 85% of patients with a one-step universal application for prime and subprime patients.

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