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Align Technology Announces Invisalign Innovations for the Align Digital Platform


These 4 digital Invisalign innovations for the Align Digital Platform will allow dental professionals to plan treatments more easily and efficiently.

Align Technology Announces Invisalign Innovations for the Align Digital Platform

Align Technology Announces Invisalign Innovations for the Align Digital Platform

Align Technology has announced its Invisalign innovations for the Align Digital Platform. The Align Digital Platform is a culmination of software, systems, and services to connect users across 1 platform for optimized workflows. These updates for the Align Digital Platform include: ClinCheck Live Update for 3D controls, Invisalign Practice App, Invisalign Personalized Plan, and Invisalign Smile Architect.

The ClinCheck live update is a new feature in ClinCheck Pro, allowing clinicians to create Invisalign patient treatment plans using 3D control. In this, Align hopes to eliminate needlessly complicated communication time between clinicians and CAD designers. After making these 3D revisions, dentists can then send the modified treatment plan. ClinCheck Live Update will be available for Invisalign Comprehensive, Invisalign Moderate, Invisalign Lite, and Invisalign Express 7. Align plant to release this later this year.

Next, the Invisalign Practice App will act as a mobile counterpart to the Invisalign Doctor Site. It will feature photo capture, Invisalign Virtual Care, Invisalign Virtual Appointment, and Invisalign Smileview simulation all for more streamlined workflows, according to a press release from the company. It will also feature a task manager for dental professionals to prioritize important everyday goings on.

The Invisalign Personalized Plan (IPP) will be gradually phased in for all Invisalign ClinCheck Pro users. It aims to combine a doctor’s specific preferences and special instructions with treatment plans. In doing this, Align hopes to make this ClinCheck Pro feature a dentist’s best resource for optimal treatment planning, while still maintaining the personal preferences that a dental professional wants.

Finally, the Invisalign Smile Architect will assist in ortho-restorative treatment planning on the Invisalign Go platform. By combining orthodontic and restorative services, Align wants to empower GPs to offer patients a robust treatment in restorative cases. The Invisalign Smile Architect is being piloted now, and plans on a general release toward the end of 2022.

The Invisalign Peronalized Plan app on ClinCheck Pro.

The Invisalign Peronalized Plan app on ClinCheck Pro.

All of these innovation from Invisalign are meant to create a wide portfolio of treatment planning for dental professionals, according to Align Technology Vice President Global Clinical Dr Mitra Derakhshan.

“We know that every Invisalign trained doctor has distinct preferences, every patient is unique, and treatment plans can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as type of malocclusion, patient age and desired outcome. Because of that, doctors spend time planning, reviewing, and modifying their ClinCheck plans, and it multiplies with practice growth. IPP and ClinCheck Live Update for 3D controls are game changing innovations that represent a step-change in digital treatment planning to help doctors achieve more personalized ClinCheck treatment plans. By using 3D controls, doctors can see greater efficiency with changes reflected in real time.” Dr Derakhshan said in the press release. “Invisalign SmileArchitect combines facially driven and ortho-restorative treatment planning within the power the ClinCheck software providing flexibility across treatment planning to address a variety of patient needs, whether it may be orthodontic, restorative, or ortho-restorative combined. It allows doctors to share their vision with patients, and use digital technology and tools to achieve the best quality clinical outcomes for their patients.”

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