Align Technology launches Invisalign G8 with SmartForce Aligner Activation

The latest update to the Invisalign clear aligner platform adds SmartForce Aligner Activation where areas of the aligner are contoured for the specific force required to drive precise tooth movements.

Align Technology announced the launch of Invisalign G8 with SmartForce Aligner Activation, the latest update to the company's flagship clear aligner product.

Developed to improve the precision of clear aligner-driven tooth movements, Invisalign G8 is based on the company's lengthy experience with the biomechanics of clear aligners, as well as its database of more than 9 million Invisalign patients, according to a press release. The new SmartForce Aligner Activation feature allows targeted areas of the aligner surface to be specifically contoured to produce optimized force on the tooth surfaces in order to deliver the proper location, direction, and intensity of force to produce the planned outcome.

The new activations are designed by the Invisalign treatment planning software and are planned through every stage of aligner therapy in a range of case types. For crowding and crossbite cases SmartForce Aligner Activation is employed to help posterior arch expansion. For deep bite cases, the activations are designed to support anterior intrusion and they are said to provide twice the predictability as previous clear aligners.

The new Invisalign G8 solution will be available globally in the first quarter of 2021.