AirPay Automates Dental Insurance Verification and Payments


With a focus on aiding practice efficiency and enhancing the patient experience, AirPay is a software platform designed to automate pre-appointment tasks.

AirPay Automates Dental Insurance Verification and Payments | Image © AirPay

Image © AirPay

Designed to help add efficiency to dental front desk teams by automating large parts of the pre-appointment workflow, AirPay is a platform that integrates with popular practice management systems and automates insurance eligibility checks for the entire schedule in bulk.

The platform helps dental teams manage their administrative tasks through the precision and speed of automation. This offers numerous benefits that extend to both dental professionals and their patients.

Dental practices adopting AirPay's automation experience immediate improvements in several key areas, reduction in claim denials and rejections, decreased missed collections, time savings, and reduced stress. The AirPay platform streamlines benefits verification and minimizes errors that could potentially lead to claim denials or rejections. Pre-verification also helps reduce missed payments as patients have a better sense of what to budget for their treatment. Time savings stem from eliminating the need for staff to manually review insurance plan benefits, which also helps reduce the amount of stress placed on the team.

The AirPay platform’s benefits extend beyond dental professionals. By providing clarity on dental insurance plans and treatment costs, AirPay can help reduce uncertainty for patients, enabling them to make informed decisions about their dental care. With cost a significant barrier to health care, and especially dental care, up front information about benefits and out of pocket costs is important to patients today.

AirPay Dental's platform integrates with multiple practice management platforms including Dentrix, EagleSoft, Open Dental, Denticon, Dentrix Enterprise, Cloud 9, and Dentrix Ascend. Additionally, the platform can support other systems in most cases via data extracts, ensuring compatibility with just about any dental practice.

Air Pay was founded by Derek Giddon, DDS, and Daniel Horowitz. Dr Giddon, who serves as CEO, has more than a decade of experience as a dentist and practice owner. Horowitz, serves as the CTO and previously held the role of CTO at 1010Data, which was acquired by Advance Newhouse in 2015.

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