Air Techniques Debuts Mojave Mobile and HVE Solutions

Air Techniques announced a pair of new products with a shared focus on reducing the risks from aerosols generated during dental treatments.

With a focus on helping dental professionals provide care while reducing the risks caused by the generation of aerosols, Air Techniques recently announced the launch of its new Mojave Mobile suction unit and HVE Air Protect suction tips.

A portable unit capable of providing both intraoral and extraoral suction simultaneously, the Mojave Mobile offers more than 12 standard cubic feet per minute of suction. The dry vacuum system is described as plug-and-play as it can be moved between operatories easily and just needs a power connection to function.

The unit is equipped with 3 hoses—a saliva ejector, a HVE tip, and an aerosol funnel—is ready to provide the appropriate aerosol mitigation for almost any clinical situation. The unit separates air, water, and amalgam with an easily cleanable fluids container, a built-in amalgam separator, and a HEPA quality air filter. Additionally, the unit is designed with a sound-absorbing hood to reduce operatory sounds.

The HVE Air Protect XL and HVE Air Protect XL Plus are each designed to provide enhanced aerosol protection.

The XL tip features a large, 16 mm opening for better aerosol mitigation, and secondary air inlets are designed to prevent backflow. Rounded edges are said to make the HVE tip more comfortable for patients, and the tip is designed without hard edges or pressure points for enhanced ergonomics for clinicians.

The XL Plus tip features a rotating, protective shield designed to be adaptable for different treatments and is said to be optimized for use with prophy powder. The large opening allows the tip to be set up for use without the help of an assistant, and like the XL tips, secondary air inlets help prevent backflow.