Admetec Will Introduce HD Camera and Headlight Loupes at IDS Germany

New lightweight loupe camera and light system allows dental professionals to record and livestream while they work.

Admetec has announced that it plans to introduce its new line of loupes at IDS Germany this year. Called Flamingo, these loupes are the first integrated HD camera and headlight dental and surgical loupes on the market, according to Admetec. With its camera, Flamingo allows for recording while still maintaining a lightweight design for practitioner comfort. Combining with its software, Flamingo will allow dental professionals to stream live footage straight from the camera via Wi-Fi, allowing real-time applicability.

Flamingo’s headlight integrates directly with the camera, focusing the light beam as the user films for a clear view of the patient’s mouth. Flamingo is battery-powered, and its software automatically updates so users can enjoy a streamlined, and ready-to-work loupe system. It also connects to a PowerPack, which is a dual battery and control panel system, that can clip to a belt for user convenience and contains only a single cable for operatory efficiency.

The Flamingo is designed with its user’s feedback in mind, formulated from insight across the industry, according to Ademetec COO Danny Katz.

“The Flamingo was developed because we listened to–and learned from–our customers,” Katz says in a press release from the company. “There was a strong desire for a tool that offers the benefits of modern tech without the weight or hassle and passionate doctors love seeing dental work–theirs and that of colleagues. Our Flamingo is an elegant tool that enables them to teach, to consult and advise, enriching their knowledge while being easy to use. We look forwared to showcasing this groundbreaking solution at this year’s IDS Germany.”

IDS 2023 will take place in Cologne, Germany from March 14 through the 18th.